Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I dreamed a dreamliner in time gone by

I was about to book my US Airway 85k business class around trip from SEA-NRT-PEK-SIN-ICN-SEA for March 2013 back in Dec 2012. And I considered myself lucky as all 787s grounded. otherwise, all my flights will be cancelled.

Now, I have to abandon the idea and focus on to tell me the best business seats. Here is what I came up with: (for those of you who don’t understand why you can go all the way to Singapore with only 85,000 miles in business class, I explained in the end of the post)

1. SEA-NRT: UA875 lie-flat business class.
2. I will stay in Beijing for a bit over 72 hours and Beijing just had the 72 hours free-VISA program. Then, I am heading to Singapore via SQ805 with recliner seat which is not a problem for day flight
3. Upon arrival in SIN around 4pm 3/4/2013, I will join the evening free tour
4. Mid night I head to my return trip from SIN-PEK as first leg via CA970 with lie-flat bed
5. From PEK to NRT, I have a bit over 3 hours connection time that I can do some shopping.


  1. It’s a short trip and I can get a business taken care of in Beijing (a press conf)
  2. I can explorer evening in Singapore
  3. I can shop in Japan, literally.
  4. Only 85k miles because
  • US Airway has nice award chart for partner flight via Star Alliance to North Asia only 90,000 miles
  • I will call US Airway to book this award. US Airway agents will book this trip, even though I will travel to South Asia. :-)
  • I have US Airway Barclay card which saves me 5k miles
  • This card can be churned every 3-4 months, so you just need two cards to get this kind of trip.

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