Thursday, February 7, 2013

US Airway award change and merger with AA

Based on a few blog post, like this one, US Airway off-peak from US to Europe of 60k (55k with US Airway Card) is gone. Also, US/AA merging will be revealed soon.

I am about to book my travel to Asia using 85kmiles (90k-5k, same reason of the card) and this change definitely facilitates my action.

The impact to people like me are as follows

1.      Jan 15 to Feb 28 off-peak 60,000 miles to Europe in business

It’s gone, AA off-peak is a lot expensive. My bubble of next year taking my wife with me to CDG with 110k in business is burst. L

2.      90,000 miles to North Asia

After the merger, it’s gone, as AA charges 100k and US will join Oneworld.

3.      US Airway card

After the merger, it will be gone. Citi has AA cards and I feel Citi AA cards will still be avail, not this Barclay MasterCard which I applied for 3 times and gained 120k miles without spending much $$$. For those of you who has not applied for this card, I strongly suggest you do it asap and the above link is the best offer without fee. Some bloggers affiliate links have annual fee or only 30k miles vs 40k miles

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