Monday, January 7, 2013

Smoke Emanates From Cargo Area of Boeing 787 Aircraft

I was about to book my 85,000 US airway miles business award ticket via ANA 787 Dreamliner SEA-NRT-PEK in May. and I am holding it now until things get sorted out.

for those of you who wants to understand the 85k biz class for 787 from North America to Asia:

1. US Airway has 90,000 miles to fly business to North Asia. see award chart
2. I have Barclay US Airway MC card to save 5k miles redeem. you don't have to be chairman level to get the card and the card is churnable every 3-5 months.
3. you need to close the card to apply for 2nd, 3rd one, that's my expedience.



  1. I got the card thru the chairman link. The non-chairman version offers the same miles and terms except for the annual fee waiver. I suspect that's what I end up with. Is it a good idea to cancel it in 3 months just to churn it again? JC

    1. close the first card and then churn it, it's safe

  2. Just to add, US card arrived today 9:30am, smokin' fast. First year anuual fee waived!