Saturday, January 12, 2013

Goodbye 2012 and first 2013 churn

Happy new year though it’s late.

A quick snapshot of our 2012

1.      My wife and I managed to accumulate close to 1.3 million points/miles
2.      The family had quite a few trips, including Vegas, Disneyland, Orlando, Bahamas, Oregon
3.      I flew ~40,000 miles with international trip to Asia and SEA-FLL route.
4.      We didn’t pay much airfare, barring security and tax fee
5.      I achieved Hyatt Diamond, Marriott Platinum and Gold of almost every hotel chain which gives us free internet, breakfast, lounge access and a lot more.
6.      All this benefits added up, in a nutshell, I believe it’s close to ~$40k if I were to pay for it (firstclass Asia trip will cost you $10k at least, one double bathroom free upgrade suite will cost you $300 a night and so on so forth)

Starting 2013, I’ve finished my first churn

1.      Two Hilton 50k signature cards using 2-browse trick, $1500 within 6 months, EASY!

2.      Chase Ink Bold business charge card, it’s actually a master card, however, you need to pay in full every month. 50k UR points after $5000 within 3 month, tough but manageable!

3.      Amazing100k AMEX MR points, with $450 fee and $3000 within 3 months. Moderate spending!
This deal was lasted for roughly 16 hours and it was all over on bloggers. The deal was pulled, however, lots of people jumped onto the deal and confirmed the 100k MR points. I don’t need to tell you how amazing the deal was, here are some. For those of you who missed the deal, you have to monitor those blogs and act fast, no shortcut. I had quite a few people pinged me that night whether or not they should jump the deal, I told them if they waste another minute with me on the phone or email, the deal will be gone. J

a.      $450 fee will be offset by double $200 airline reimbur, i.e. $400 is back. people is scared about the fee, if that's the reason they missed the deal. they need to learn more in this hobby. bear in mind, normally, this card is 25K MR points, this deal was 4x.

b.      SPG gold member

c.      Airport lounge access
d.  First/Business paid ticket, free ticket if you book via AMEX PLAT DESK (PTS)

4.      250,000 points only 4 cards and my credit dropped 3 points, not too bad. J

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