Saturday, September 1, 2012

Planning X’mas Trip to Orlando and Bahamas and some tips /tricks

Essentially, after vacation, I do two things 1) read thru email backlog 2) plan next vacation.

1.      Air flight

I want to take any opportunity to max Southwest companionpass, therefore, I booked via Southwest from SEAàMCO around 30k points per person, not go great, for X’mas time, I am ok with that. I still leave 100k points in my bank as I’ve confirmed you can get all 4 versions of those SW cards, however, each app-o-rama, you can only  apply one personal and one business from Chase. This is the rule.

2.      Hotel stays

Club Carson’s 144k promotion was so great, that I managed to get all the nights in Orlando free. You can match their Gold status by sending them an email with your other hotel’s elite status.

3.      Bahamas

We plan to book a suite statement for a 3-nights cruise this time, for 4 people, like my family, it’s around $2700, it’s much cheaper than 7 nights, which normally charge $7000. Last time we cruised Alaska, we booked Balcony statement, but it was still too small for people >220 lbs like me. :-)

If only you and your partner, I will highly recommend you wait for the last minute deal, normally at least 30% off an inner statement, as there are too many cruise companies in Caribbean area. For us, I don’t want to take the risk.

4.      Disneyworld tickets

Unlike Disneyland in CA which you can use eBay to sell your tickets for the remaining 2-3 days to other family after you buy 5-6 days to compensate the expense, there is no way for Disneyworld and we have to purchase almost the list price of the tickets.

For Ebay trick for Disneyland, you need to sell your 2-3 days first on eBay, then buy the 5-6 days and after you’ve done the trip, use 1day expedite mail service to the other family. If you look at eBay, you can find tons of people doing this, it works just fine, it saves you 50% money at least as a seller. I’ve been doing this for the last a few years, ping me if you are not following.

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