Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to book Southwest Companion Pass

I’ve been issued Southwest Companion pass, take a look at the previous post of this greatest perk here. However, the Southwest 50k points offers have been expired, please do not sign up the 25k offer, just wait for the 50k offer as Chase will not allow you to churn those cards.

When you hit 110k points, literally two cards +10,000 points from Marriott transfer(the most easy way), Southwest will send you an email and ask you to choose a designate. Once you’ve done this, you can fly your partner right away without having to wait for the physical companion pass to arrive.

After I got my pass below, I immediately booked a trip to Orlando, FL in Dec 2012 (BTW, Southwest opened reservation to Feb 2013 now). My past experience is if you want to redeem , do it quick, because 1) you can cancel  the trip and points will go back to your account without any penalty 2) the points can be doubled when it approaches the travel date.

To book via companion pass, there are two ways

1.      Online
You log into your account and book your travel first. After you have your travel booked, under My Rapid Rewards on your right, you can click the Book Now below and follow the steps to add a companion.

2.      Call Southwest and give them your confirm # and they will verify your designate name and book for you for free

If you need to travel before you have the physical pass, make sure you call Southwest and let them know your plan, it takes 7 days to get the pass.

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  1. Thanks, this was really helpful. You rock!! I couldn't figure out how to do this until I read your clear instructions.

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