Thursday, May 10, 2012

How to fly domestic FREE for your partner an entire year

One of my friend told me he applied for Alaska Airline BoA card and got a $99 companion pass, he is very happy about it. While I feel happy once my friends are happy, I pointed him out how to fly domestic free for a year. His jaw was dropped on his way back to get the deal. :-)

Southwest has two version of VISA card, personal and business, your goal is to get two, one personal, one business, each earns you 50k points and you need another 10k to reach 110k companion pass requiremnt.

Here is a shorter version of HOW, for full detail, please refer below link

1.     Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier.
Both the personal and the business versions of the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier offer 50,000 bonus points (worth up to $833 in free travel), but they have a $99 fee which is not waived during the 1st year.However, you get a 6,000 annual point bonus which covers the cost of the $99 fee.

2.     Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus.
Just like the Rapid Reward Premier card, you get a 50,000 point sign-up bonus (worth $833 in free travel) with the personal and business Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus card.
But the annual fee is $69 which gets you a 3,000 point yearly bonus.If you plan on keeping the card for more than 1 year, the Rapid Rewards Premier card is the better choice since the $99 fee is worth exactly 6,000 points.

3.     Get the 10k extra points
In order to get the companion pass you need extra 10k. the above link has 10 ways to get the points. I’d like to point out that my exp is using the card plus paying attention to Southwest RR promotion (for example, paying cell phone bill get you 1000 points, sign on email and etc..).
If you need a quick 10k, yes, convert the hotel/ultimate points as above link.

4.     Once you have 110k(check out your RR account to make sure 110k is achieved). You will get notified by Southwest on the next step.

You need to get the 110k in a calendar year, churning two personal/business cards is YMMV, I don't see the reason you want to get above four cards for 200k points. (you will get declined anyway and i don't think calling reconsideration line will help).
I’d get just two cards every 12-18 months to cover your entire life companion pass. J that’d be sweet!

Updated: 7/26/2012, you can actually get all four cards now by calling recon line.


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