Tuesday, September 4, 2012

NCL Bahamas Cruise booking trick

I ended up booked two connection ocean view staterooms for X'mas for our family (4 people, 2 adults and 2 children) for 3 nights Bahamas NCL cruise with a total of $1459 including everything. If I were to book one ocean view statement with 4 people, it would have cost us $1350. Essentially, I spent $100 more and got a “Suite”. J

This is very nice deal as I kept my words to my wife with next cruise on “Suite” and saved $1000+ and best of all, we have two bathrooms which  doesn’t cause conflict in the morning, as I am pretty sure the free-style cruise (food in particular) will keep each of your party a bit longer in the bathroom in the morning. LOL.
I used Costco Travel to book and saved $80 more vs NCL and/or other travel agents which will likely get you a few thousands of miles. I like Costco Travel, their service and flex is nice, i managed to switch cred cards last time which helped me complete my spending requirement.


  1. Did you call Costo Travel to make this happen?

    1. you don't have two if you see the website they are connected. call costco travel should work as well. just tell them you need two connected room for one adult one child per room. they should be able to help you

  2. Does your rooms have a connecting door?

  3. LaoLu, I know how to pin-down those connecting rooms now. Thanks for your blog pointing out this option.