Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hyatt diamond member benefits review

I’ve completely my challenge of 12 nights within 60 days at Hyatt and achieved my Diamond status until Feb 2014. Also, the 12 nights credited me a total of ~40,000 points because I registered up to 65000points promotion . Here below is my personal experience of the benefits as Diamond member vs the official statement here

During the last 12 nights, I’ve experienced the following benefits and enjoy Japanese’s hospitality.

1.      Free breakfast in Regency Club

The breakfast is not as good as the buffet which will cost you 2500 Japanese Yin, however, it’s good enough, you got latte, fresh juice, bakery and variety of fruits. I didn’t eat there much as I have to go to work earlier and prefer to have my breakfast in JR stations.

2.      Regency club cocktail party everyday 6pm to 8pm

All kind of beers, cocktails and wines, if you know how expensive alcohol in Japan, you definitely appreciate the benefits. It saved me at least 2000 Yin/day. J

3.      Free Gym/Swimming pool

4.      Free internet

I know, I know, just like Gym/swimming pool, most of hotels here in America offers these free of charge. However, everything you need to pay in Japan if you are a normal guest, say, 2000 Yin for Gym, 300 Yin/day for Internet

5.      Welcome gift

As diamond member, I received fruits plate, again, fruit in Japan is expensive, I took it as 1000 Yin at least

6.      Surprise buffet breakfast voucher

As long stay guest, I received one voucher of Japanese style breakfast, 2500 Yin value.

7.      Apologies from Hyatt Sales manager for not being able to upgrade me to a Suite

As diamond member, you have 4 times (up to 7 nights per stay) of free upgrade to a suite per year, however, the hotel I stayed was at 80% capacity and the upgrade has been run out. The sales manager personally apologized to me. The feeling of Japanese’s hospitality and being important is PRICELESS.

In a nutshell, Hyatt Diamond is definitely worth your pursuing it and once you have it, you just can’t live without it.

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