Wednesday, October 24, 2012

TODAY ONLY: 75,000 AMEX points after $10k within 4 months

10/24 only, get the card if you could. AMEX runs this one-day deal every a few months.
1. normal offer is 50k with less spending $5000 within 3~4 months
2. 75000 points can transfer to BA 40~50% miles more.
3. I hate to say this, but some of bloggers suggest those less spending power people use their referral link for the 50,000 points with less spending $5k. I get the point of $5k is 50% than $10k, however, for less spending power people, is that really a huge difference?

Folks, get this card RIGHT NOW, 75000 is 50% more than 50,000 points, do the math!!! There are tons of ways to get the rest of $5k, if you don't know, ping me. For less spending power people, I don't see $5k is a huge different to $10k. if you really can't meet the spending, you should seriously consider quit this hobby, as one of my best friend "complained " to me, he is almost "bankrupt" now. LOL. (well, his life style has completely changed, am I right?)

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  1. My life style changed for sure. Planing a spring break trip to Miami now, looking at how much I'll save on Hotels, it is insane.