Tuesday, August 7, 2012

SPG 30,000 is back until Sept 4

Please refer here for the personal and business cards links. If you applied earlier for the 25k ones, you can send a SM to AMEX to dump the offer. Normally, Chase is willing to match the offer, however, AMEX/Citi to me is much harder.

In a nut shell, I had redeemed 20+ free nights via SPG, their Cash+Points are particular valuable, 30,000 points can get you 10 free nights in their low-end hotels (3k per night). when you double-up with their business card, you are looking at 20 free nights which potentially saves you 20x$80=$1600. wow!!!

Update: 8/8 I've SM'ed AMEX to bump the 5000 points for my wife and failed. One of my peer told me he got his 5000 bumped by yelling at AMEX. LOL. YMMV......

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