Wednesday, August 8, 2012

AMEX 75,000 or SPG 30,000, this is a question

Until 8/9 (tomorrow) Only.
AMEX business Gold charge card is back, it came in Feb and June as one-day-deal, so I anticipate it will be back every a few months. However, SPG 30,000 is rare and only need $5000 within 6 months. Your call, my friends.

BTW, if you do have SPG card and you can actually get 5000 points referal bonus by following this link to refer your friends/partners. If you don't have SPG card and I have my personal SPG card(SPG business card is on my next app-o-rama) link posted here, I am grateful if you use it.

Update: 8/9, I have my SPG bumped to 30,000 points with a little effort as AMEX's policy's it's what it's. I will post an article about "how to communicate to call center agents" in the future to share my experience.

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