Sunday, July 22, 2012

Southwest Premier VISA Cards no foreign transaction fee starting Aug 1, 2012

I received a letter from Southwest that effectively 8/1/2012, the $99 annual fee VISA cards aka premier card will be 3% foreign transaction fee waived. (not the $69 ones)

Recently, Southwest released all four (two personal, two business) versions of those cards here with 50,000 miles sign-in bonus, which greatly enables your ability to fly your partner/family for free for almost 18 months.
This is the BEST perk for domestic flyers, and I seriously recommend you check it out. Most of readers got the companion pass via applying two $69 fee cards and they often ask the question is it possible to apply the $99 fee cards to acquire another year of companion pass, I am telling you with a positive “YES” because I personally got all four of those cards with each 50,000 miles posted without any issue.

Why waived 3% transaction fee is a big deal to us?

Not only we will save 3%, now we have a better reason to call reconsideration line to get those $99 cards given the fact you’ve already had the $69 ones. This is a STRONG reason you can tell Chase recon agent that why you want this card so badly on top of other reasons, such as separating expense(which I believe Chase agents are tired of. LOL) For example, you can explain you travel aboard (your relative in Canada maybe) often and 3% saving is a big deal for you, you will likely use this card vs paying by cash. TRUST ME, It’s very convincible than the reason of separating expense. Last time, I got my another Chase card(7th Chase card) by simply told Chase I don’t have any Chase 3% fee waived card and if they don’t approve me, I will have to use Citi/AMEX card as I don’t like to pay the 3% fee. J

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