Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My wife is approved for Chase Sapphire Mastercard

Last month, my wife Irene applied the Chase Sapphire Mastercard for 40,000 bonus and $3000/3months spending(this offer has been expired and only VISA version is avail.)
She got declined as "too many requests" as you guys normally received from Chase, most people will dump the letter and forget, no, don't, the fun just gets started. :-)

Our family doesn't have a MasterCard, i decided to use this reason to call reconsideration line @ Chase
 For those of you who are not familiar with reconsideration process, please see my previous post.

Irene: ring, ring
Chase: thank you for calling Chase........blah blah
(verify Irene's info....)  how can I help you?
Irene: I got a declined letter and re# is xxxxxxxxx

Chase: Let me take a look.....(within 15 seconds) oh, it's because you applied for UA VISA not long ago.
Irene: Understood, but you know what, my husband has the Sapphire VISA and it's very elegant design and our family doesn't have a similar Mastercard, could you reconsider the decision? Thank you so much!

Chase: can i put you on hold for 3-5 minutes?
Irene: Sure.
(you can put me on hold for 30 minutes as long as you approve. LOL)

Within 3 minutes....
Chase: Irene, good news, we approved your card and you will get it within 5-7 business days. and we confirm the 40k points and $3000/90days spending requirement. is there anything else i can help you?
Irene: nope, thanks a lot, you make my day. :-)

The whole talk is 5 minutes including being on hold. I will highly suggest you do the same, any question such as "how do I convince Chase to reconsider my case?", email me, I may have some advise.

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