Saturday, April 28, 2012

I am consolidating a list of miles that you can earn without signing new credit card.

1.      Netflix
Think about a non-contract Netflix for 4000 UA miles, I value UA miles $0.01 per dollar, it gives you $40 after $7.99 subscription fee for a month

2.      Fidelity
If you open a non-retirement broker account or depositing $$$ into an existing account, you will gain lots of miles with a varieties of miles program

3.      Flyertalk has a place to discuss about this kind of extra miles

the list might go very long, i will post some finding periodically.


  1. Hi Ben,
    Welcome to blogspot! My favorites that I blog about are the Staples, OfficeMax & Officedepot with the Chase Ink Bold Card. Staples often has Free after rebates software. When going through Chases UR Mall with the Ink, you get around 8 points per dollar (this changes all the time). Not bad on purchases you get 100% of the money back.

  2. i noticed those ink bold deals of 5x points via OM/OD and Staple lately. i might consider give it a shot, thanks for the heads up.