Wednesday, April 3, 2013

US Airway churn strategy and 40,000 miles link

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Today, I was approved by the 3rd US Airway cards, I think I’d like to shed some light and I am throwing in a 40k offer link which is the best in the market.

How Often should I churn

This is a tough question and YMMV. My personal experience is
1. You need to have solid score, say >720 from TR(Trans Union) as Barclay pulls this credit bureau
2. You cannot have too many inquires, I will say <6 for the past 6 months. My wife got denied because of this
3. Barclay is picky on income and employer, no one can confirm this, but I got a feeling. Last time I was denied, I didn’t put my employer name.
4. Wait for 4-5 months, 3 months is too short

If denied, what do you do

1. If you have the card
   Don’t call recon, last time, they not only denied me and closedown my existing one
2. If you never have the card
   Yes, call reconsideration line
3. If you just closed the card within 2 months
   Wait a while to 3 months and start to apply. My wife closed down the card and applied next month, got declined. The letter says they declined her without using credit report and they said they already have too much credit offered to her. My understanding is you need to wait a bit longer.

What can I do with US Airway Miles

2. Merging with AA and you have 40k AA miles
3. US Airway’s agent is easy to manipulate, you can have a RTW(around the world) award ticket

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