Thursday, October 4, 2012

US Airway 100% bonus to SHARE your miles with friends/family

The link is here.

There are tons of discussion on the other blogs and I don’t want to repeat. In a nutshell:
1.      Oct 1 to 31 2012 only

2.      If you transfer 50k miles to John, he will get 100k, the cost is $500+30(transaction fee)+7.5%=$567.5 or 1.135CPM(cent per mile)

3.      If you don’t have miles with US Airway and you apply for new account(there is 12 days freeze, that’s why I don’t understand why people still don’t sign up all loyalty membership, it’s free, dude!!!)

a.      You can log on your account, go to buy miles, currently there is targeted offer until 10/31/2012 that you can get 100% bonus miles.

b.      I didn’t get the targeted offer, but my account is entitled to the 100% bonus.

c.      If you can get 100% bonus, buy 25k, you will get 50k, share with another party as #2 above. The cost will be around 1.5~1.7 CPM, still a smoking deal.

4.      How to spend US Airway miles

a.      Limitation than United airline, for example, no one-way award ticket and etc..

b.      60k business class from US/Canada to Europe off-peak, 1/15 to 2/28. (if you own Barclay US airway card, it’s 55k). WOW!!!

c.      I searched SEA-CDG(Paris) in Jan/Feb 2013, there are a lot of availability .

d.      Also US Envoy(their business class) is a flatbed class, think about this

Take your sponsor to Paris for a week in business class with ONLY 110k Miles and if you follow the above steps, your cost will be around $1200~$1500. If you are still not with me, let me re-phrase what I am telling you “Only paying a coach ticket to Europe and they will fly two people business class”.

e.      Still not convinced with this deal, remove my blog from your list. J


  1. Ben,
    I and my wife have 2 US Airway accounts, each with more than 75K. Can we transfer to each other? So we will have 2 accounts with 125K each with extra cost of $1135. Does it make sense? Thanks.

    1. it makes perfect sense, if you wisely use US Airway miles, say, 50k business class offpeak from America to Europe, your 125k will be a great value.

  2. Ben, done! Thanks