Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blog for fun or Blog for $$$

An interesting post that I concur with the blogger(Scott), take a look at here. Essentially, Scott debated of the 2nd offer of BA Chase VISA card which offers $75 first year fee and 50k miles and 2nd year $75 with another 50k miles comparing to the normal offer which pays the bloggers a referral fee of $100+.

 I agreed with the blogger has to make a living, particularly for those F/T bloggers, however, only two bloggers revealed the 2nd best offer which doesn’t pay them anything. Noted, MillionMiles Secret is consistently revealing/comparing any better offer than his affiliation link since day1. I have no problem of the bloggers get paid and they spent a lot of time researching and helping us, however, if they are intentionally hiding the 2nd offer in this case, it’s a shame IMO. Will you agree with me?


  1. I have a question cause I'm always writing to my friends and telling them to follow of you guys and then I will put a blog together for them to just get my referral fees from like Hilton Honors and stuff like that on American Express.. How do you get that site on your blog. How can I just write my blog to all my friends and have them sign up from my blog so I can get the referral fee?

    1. you can use http://www.flexoffers.com/