Friday, June 1, 2012

US Airway buy 1 mile get 1 mile free deal

Today, US Airway announced this deal. To me, this is a good deal considering

1.     You buy 50k miles and get 100k cost you ~$1800

2.     100k miles can get you a business trip to Asia

3.     You are $3000-$1800~=$1000 ahead

If you are only redeeming domestic or intl’ coach, I don’t recommend you buy the miles as the value proposition doesn’t justify.

Most people may argue that US Airway availability of award tickets sucks. Hold on, that’s true online, but when you call them, you will find out that

1.     They don’t charge phone booking

2.     All star alliance airlines are avail, meaning you can check for award ticket and call US Airway.

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