Sunday, May 6, 2012

How-to max out my United VISA card benefit

If you follow the link below, you might already have applied for this card and got 50k miles + $50 credit
Here are a few other quick steps to get more benefits of the card
1.      What if I applied the 40k offer
Send Chase a SM(Secure Message) as below and kindly let Chase bump and use the screenshot above link as reference.

2.      What if I didn’t apply the $50 credit
Send a SM to chase

3.      Lounge pass
I’ve got 4 one-day passes, if you really don’t need it, sell it on ebay for extra $80.
4.      Add an authorized user to get 5,000 miles
Send chase a SM after you added an auth user

5.      Sign up Netflix to get 4,000 miles

Okay, now you got 50,000+5,000+4,000=59,000 miles + $50 credit + 4 passes(easily sell $80 on ebay if you don’t need it). What a deal! My best card this year. J


  1. Did you sign up for the 25000+5000+10000 miles offer, and get matched to the 50000+5000+10000miles + $50 credit offer?
    How do you get 4 one-day passes, I thought they give 2 only?

    1. nope, i signed up via 50k offer and its been expired. however, chase is very good at matching their top offer, its very likly they will bump to 50k, but YMMV.
      i have no idea, i thought 2 passes too and 2 passes in anniversry.

  2. Ben, how did you get 4 passes? I got 50K and $50. Still waiting for 5K. But not a single pass? thx

    1. no idea, my wife is still waiting for her 2 passes(supposedly). i guess Chase just loves me as I applied ~10 cards. lol
      the 5k miles of auth user will be added into your UA account around statement time.
      for the pass, you just have to be patient. people commented after a few months. it's YMMV crap.

  3. how long does it take the miles to post? i got accepted for the card last week, but need the miles (available in my account) in 2 weeks. Any way to expedite this?

    1. the miles posted 2 days after your chase statement once you meet the requirement. i don't think chase will expedite it, you have to wait for statement.