Friday, April 13, 2012

SouthWest 50k points VISA

I love Southwest, my family does too. Last month, I used a little over 40k points for 4 tickets around trip to Vegas, guess what, it costs me $20 in total. J I still have a little over 77,000 points in my account due to a past Chase Ultimate points conversation (I will cover that in the future), so those 77k points will help the whole family a trip to Orlando later this year and a Cruise to Bahamas from port Fort Lauderdale. (I will work you thru how to book best deal for Bahamas cruise, Alaska cruise is a little expensive per se)

Here is what you can do is to get those 50k points which worth $833 flying in USA.
§  50,000 bonus points ($833 in value) after first purchase
§  $69 annual fee NOT waived for the first year; yes, you need to pay $69 upfront, that’s NOT a lot comparing to 50k points.
§  3% foreign transaction fee
§  3,000 point bonus on card anniversary ($50 value making up for the annual fee after the first year)

p.s. again, this is not referral link, nobody got paid by Chase by advocating the card. J feel free to pass alone to whoever you like.
BTW, I got my United Explorer VISA card 50k points posted, Irene will get hers very soon and we are planning to trip to Asia fly FIRSTCLASS free. (it’s a $10,000 ticket)

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