Friday, April 13, 2012

50,000 United Explorer VISA

1.      Every year, my family vacation within continental US is literally free of charge (yes, I pay $5 per ticket for the tax. J )
2.      people complaining how expensive a returning a ticket back in China in summer time.


1.      if you are hunting a house/leasing a car or any financing desire is approaching and/or very concerned about your credit score, discard this email.

2.      If you’d like to know your credit for free, go to, I applied lots of credit cards, my score is still above 700. Hence, I don’t think it will hurt your credit so bad using the right tactic(I will cover “protecting your credit score in the later part), however, it’s as-is, your call!

3.      YMMY in terms of miles and points you may accumulate. All the links are NOT referral for anyone, in other words, nobody earns anything from the cred card company.

I will start a series of articles if you like and get you the goals of

1.      US domestic flight FREE for the entire family every year

2.      One or two of your family members go back to China or Europe with FIRSTCLASS cabinet.(if you have enough miles to burn. LOL. Normally, coach ticket is very easy to get)

Let us start with one hot sign-on bonus card at a time

Today, start with Unites Explorer Visa card

2.      What you will get: 50k United miles after 1st purchase, good for two round tickets within US, 67,500 miles will gain you a free coach ticket around trip back in China. Please keep the below screenshot just in case Chase doesn’t honor, hopefully, it won’t be the case. I will cover “secure message to Chase” in the future parts, so, no worries at this point.

3.      For the detail review of the card, please go here

4.      Your question might be: 50,000 is not enough for international tickets. Of course not, I will reveal other cards to get you 135,000 miles very soon and its good for two people around tickets to China. J

5.      Shot me questions or feel free to pass alone to someone you think it’s beneficial.


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the interesting blog. Love the pics of Family Balcony state room on cruise. I am so inspired and convinced to go on cruise line now. I never went on a cruise line because I think I have sea sickness. I don't know what it will be like to be on a cruise with sea sickness or I wonder if there is any sea sickness on cruise lines?

    Ok, coming to the point, I got chase SW in Dec, Sapphire and ink-bold in Feb. Now I want to get chase United explorer (60k miles), chase BA and chase priority club (80k points).
    I have 3 official tours planned for Europe, so I will need miles and hotel points to bring my wife with me to Europe.
    I need your comments to choose from following options:
    should I wait a little longer to apply for these 3 chase cards at once?
    or should I apply at a gap of 2-3 months?
    or should I wait for better offers to roll in during summer, which is just couple of weeks away?

    1. Hi there, it's so nice you are convinced for the cruise. i have a friend who has the same concern and she is convinced as well, as there are alot of over the counter pills for sea sickness.

      to answer your 2nd question for Chase BA/United/PC, i'd say apply BA first as it's limited time offer and apply PC second, United 60k offer link has expired, you can look up your account to see whether or not you have the targeted 60k offer, otherwise, you have to apply for the 40k offer and send a secure message to Chase to bump the 60k offer like i did for the $50 statement credit. you also need to apply in a 2-3 months interval as most likely you will be denied. however, don't give up, call Chase reconsideration line at 888-245-0625.